Much like the name suggests, the Vishuddhi Chakra or Throat Chakra symbolizes our true inner voice, and our ability to communicate with others. It is represented by the color blue, and it is associated with our abilities to listen, empathize, and communicate with others.  The extremely delicate and graceful element of the Throat chakra, when it is in a harmonious balance, allows human beings to enjoy a beautiful voice, artistic potential, creative ways of expression, and the ability to reach a higher spiritual abode with an acute sense of spiritual awareness. The Throat Chakra is connected to several organs and glands, including the throat, jaws, neck vertebrae, thyroid, teeth, ears, esophagus, and the ears. Human beings that have a balanced Throat Chakra have powerful artistic potential, along with the ability to meditate freely and utilize their energy effectively.


Clean your Aura while washing your body with our soap and feel the difference on your skin. 


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  • Lavender & Chamomile 

  • Olive oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Castor oil, Water *, Lye^, Mica, Fragrance oil. 

    * Evaporates after curing process

    ^None left after the saponification process